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Address: GuanLong Road West Lake section,ShiLong Town,DongGuan City,GuangDong Province,China
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Shilong-Gladden Hotel is the third five-star hotel of Gladden Hotel Management Company which is affiliated to MingGuan Group of GuangDong Province ,it is also the first five-star"green business hotel" arround ShiLong.Shilong-Gladden Hotel locates in GuangDong historic town-Shilong,adjacent to the beautiful Dongjiang River, where coastal scenic. The north of Shilong-Gladden HotelHotel is Guangzhou, south is Shenzhen and adjacent to Hong Kong,close to Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway and Guangzhou-Huizhou Expressway.It takes only 3 minutes drive to Shilong train station, 20 minutes drive to Dongguan downtown area, takes 22 minutes direct to Guangzhou East Railway Station by Guangzhou-Shenzhen line harmony.Besides, If you want to go to LuoHu District of ShenZhen city , it will takes only 40 minutes of you.The Dongguan rail R2 line the Shilong new railway station is about to lauch and close to Shilong-Gladden Hotel.There are many buses commutes from HongKong airport and HongKong downtown to our hotel.In a word,transportation of ShiLong-Gladden Hotel is very convenient.


Shilong-Gladden Hotel's design style is simple and elegant.It owns 403 kinds of rooms, 8 full-function,various sizes and fully equipped banquet and meeting space. Shilong-Gladden Hotel is also owns luxury Chinese and Western specialties style restaurant and private dining room, KTV cabins' decoration is luxury,moon lobby is large and interesting, Crystal Palace sauna health center, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, mahjong rooms, billiards room, table tennis room, Dongjiang River tennis courts and other recreational and sports fitness areas, they are your best choice in business travel, meetings negotiations, leisure and Habitat.


Shilong-Gladden Hotel's location determines it could has unique scenery of DongJiang.By virtue of professional and quality service, Shilong-Gladden Hotel's good social reputation has winned long-term favor of the many guests.Nuances sees the truth,bit reveals the meticulous dedication. The perseverance of us is nothing but satisfy your top pursuit for aesthetic. 




Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China Dongguan Shilong Town section of Long Lake Road

Gladden Hotel (Dongguan - Shilong) is the first five-star standard, Shilong Town, the construction of green business hotel, located in the East River edge of the charming, beautiful scenery, 10 minutes' drive to Guancheng Center, Shenzhen, just half an hour in Guangzhou, close to Shilong Railway Station, is near Guancheng the heart of many towns, there are daily direct bus service between Hong Kong and more classes. Traffic is very convenient, fully equipped Hyatt for business travelers with the highest quality services and facilities, our professional hotel staff is very happy to service your next visit Dongguan, Hyatt will be your best choice。


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